Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Welcome to Aura Traffic

Here is a Special Offer for all new members
Everyone joining has the opportunity to upgrade at have price.
On March 15th the prices will go back to normal.

How do I get started?
 1: Sign up and confirm your e-mail address.
2: Login and activate your account.
 3: Add your websites.
 4: Start driving quality traffic to your site!
Here are just some of the Features you will receive with Aura Traffic...
 2:1 Surf Ratio for Bronze Members 1:1 Surf Ratio For Silver Members
1:2 Surf Ratio For Gold Members
 Purchase the first page on our surf bar with credits or PayPal
Say good bye to  Frame Breakers
Send Solo Adverts
Purchase Other Premium (High Visibility) Advertisement with
credits or PayPal
Lots of Credits and some times  extra cash while surfing
All Members Earn Commissions, Free members earn a one time per Pro referral commission, Pro members earn  recurring commissions 
Great Benefits for Free members, and even better for our Pro members
Free members receive 100 credits, 200 text credits, 200 banner credits to start your advertising off.

Aura Traffic has been set up so members can easily earn their way into premium advertising by using credits and account cash.
There are so many options available for
all your advertising needs please take a look.

We got Web Surf,
Banner Xchange, Text Ad Xchange,
Bonus Points and Cash

NOTE:- We will not flood you with over Inflated Credits to deal with the many cheaters that surf and not look.
Instead we have very advanced Anti-Cheat methods so we can assure that only real human eyes are looking at your offers!!!!

How does it work?
Its easy, just sign up visit other members websites earn credits for each website you visit,
Exchange those credits for other members to visit your website.
The people visiting your website are just like you and me,
Site/Blog owners or Online marketers looking for new opportunities to increase their sales, networks, down lines, and membership base.
After you begin using our system you will see just how easy it really is to make your visitor count go thru the roof.
  Drive high quality free traffic to your website!
   Increase sales, sign ups, & Make more money!

Why should you use Aura Traffic?

We help you send thousands of visitors to your website with very little effort.
After you start using Aura Traffic your websites will become much more active which means more costumers,
more subscribers, and more sign ups to your affiliate programs.
Best of all its 100% free.
Making Money at Aura Traffic?Unlike other TE's I give you a chance to get cash for your extra credits.
You can take you Web Points, Banner Points, and Text Ad Points,
and convert them to Credits.
Once you have enough credits you can convert them to cash.
You can then use for upgrade or get cash back into your payment processor.

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