Friday, 3 April 2015


Garrisa university has tragedy 147 people will kill Al Sahab militant in north-eastern Kenya
four of the gunmenwere eventually sorrounded in a dormitory, and died when their suicide vest detonated.
This militan single out Christian and shot them,...witnesses said.
More than 587 student managed to escape, 79 of whom were injured.
Kenya oficial said , the student have all been evacuated now the siege has indeed.
How the plan attach :

  1. militan has enter  university at the ground, and two guard shoot dead
  2. shooting again begin in campuss
  3. In the classroom student will prepare exam,..and militan came in attach
  4. Gunmen believed is issolated in female dormitories
  5. some student make an escape 
Kenyan Pressident Uhuru Kenyatta offered his condolence to family of the victims and ordered "Urgent step" to ensure police recruits could begin trainiing immediately " 

The Interior Ministry has requested assistance from the National Youth Agency to bring those who are saved to Nairobi.

The tragedy was the deadliest attack suffered by Kenya after the bombing of the US embassy in 1998.

"We combed the location," said Nkaiserry told reporters.

He said that four armed men had conquered after Kenyan security forces launched an attack on the last building, where the attackers shelter for more than 12 hours.

"Unfortunately, we lost ... a number of lives, we have not fully sure ...," he added.

"The perpetrators of terror, 90 percent of the threat they've removed ... we've got the assurance that the four attackers had cut down," he added.
Ash-Shabaab group, which has ties to al-Qaeda, claimed responsibility for the dawn attack.
Ash-Shabaab is the same group that launched a mass murder at the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi in September 2013. In that incident, four armed men massacred and killed at least 67 people in a bloodbath that lasted four days.
Kenya faced a series of grenade attacks and weapons, which are often blamed on the group Ash-Shabaab sympathizers and sometimes directed against the police, since the soldiers moved into southern Somalia in 2011 to attack the headquarters of fanatical militants there.

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