Tuesday, 20 October 2015

CryptoGames is a Provably Fair online casino. This means that you can make sure all the combinations to be random at any time. In our games all the combinations are generated withMersenne Twister pseudorandom number generator. SHA512 hash is calculated out of Server Seed, Client Seed and Nonce summary before each bet. Then, first and last 4 symbols are taken from the calculated result and converted into a Seed for generator initialization.
Server Seed is a random sequence of symbols generated by a server.
Client Seed is a random sequence of symbols specified by a Player.
Nonce is a number of bets made by Client Seed + Server Seed. This number increases by one after each bet.
You can make sure the combination to be random without any CryptoGames’s interference if you know meanings of these three values.
You should use Randomize option to setup a new Server Seed + Client Seed pair. After you specified new Client Seed, a new Server Seed will be generated and Nonce will be reset to 0 (zero). Current Server Seed is always hidden from User in order to prevent the result prediction. SHA256 hash is shawn instead to guarantee that Server Seed won’t be replaced by CryptoGames casino.
After Randomization is over, previous Server Seed will be opened and a Player will be able to check all the bets made with the previous Server Seed + Client Seed pair. Randomization could be performed if at least 5 bets have been done by current pair. For checking bets you should go to Verify section.


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