Wednesday, 27 January 2016


In carrying out her vision for connecting compatible VCs and startups, Jenny Q. Ta will join forces with Silicon Valley's highly respected Indonesian pioneer, Shinta Witoyo Dhanuwardoyo, founder and CEO of, one of Indonesia's earliest Internet-based companies. Known to most people as Shinta Bubu, this highly experienced serial entrepreneur and part-time angel investor will add her own considerable expertise to Jenny's, forming a powerful alliance the goal of which is to transcend the barriers that separate entrepreneurs and startups from the VCs they need to succeed in their markets.
Shinta's personal mission in the investment arena is not only to support entrepreneurs through funding but also to help turn capable startup CEOs into confident leaders who have the clarity, creativity, stamina, and skill to build and sustain world-class companies. While she realizes that guiding and mentoring take time, energy, and effort, she also knows there is no substitute for these vital processes in the experience of a developing business leader. That's the primary reason she is willing to not only do her part personally but also to creatively connect entrepreneurs with other experienced business mentors.
Jenny and Shinta, though based half a world apart, share a common goal of fostering the entrepreneurial spirit that keeps young startups learning, growing, and innovating. As investors themselves, both successful business leaders are committed to guiding VCNetwork as the company invests in the startups within its fold, up to half-a-million dollars annually.
ounded by Jenny Q. Ta, serial entrepreneur, former Wall Street broker and current founder and CEO of, the World's first Social Networthing platform, VCNetwork was conceived to help forward-thinking VC firms and individual VCs find the startups that have what it takes to succeed. By partnering with Shinta W. Dhanuwardoyo (AKA Shinta Bubu), founder and CEO of, both innovative women understand that VC investing is all about connections, and facilitating such connections, large and small, is what VCNetwork is all about. All entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to submit their business plan through VCNetwork for a chance to be considered by one of more than 300 VCs in this highly coveted database of venture capitalists. To learn more about
About Shinta Witoyo DhanuwardoyoShinta W. Dhanuwardoyo has been a trailblazer in Indonesia's digital landscape since the inception of her first company in 1996. She was also recognized by Globe Asia as one of the 99 Most Powerful Women and given a place on the Inspiring Women Honor Roll by Forbes Indonesia Magazine. Founder and CEO of, as well as a veteran in the tech Industry, Shinta herself has become one of Indonesia's leading authorities on ICT, as well as a forerunner in fostering ties with Silicon Valley.  In 1996, Shinta founded – one of the first Internet companies in Indonesia, which has since evolved into the country's leading digital media agency developing cutting-edge Internet, social media, and mobile strategies. Bubu was not only acknowledged by Red Herring as one of Asia's TOP 100 Most Innovative Companies, but was also honored with the Global Red Herring Award. Since 2001, has been known for organizing the nationwide web/startup/tech awards called Bubu Awards, which features well-known international judges and prominent judges from Indonesia. Shinta also successfully organized Indonesia's largest bi-annual digital event called IDBYTE, inviting world-class speakers from industry giants such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, eBay, Linkedin, Disney, and many more.

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