Saturday, 25 March 2017


HEARING LOSS TOPIC Effecting more than 200 million people globally, hearing loss is the third most common physical condition in the world today. Recent studies have shown that almost 15% of school children (ages 6-19) have some degree of hearing loss and that after the age of 60 one out of every three people will suffer this condition. Taking early precautions to avoid this problem or hinder further development is a major topic among world leaders today to help ensure the best quality of life possible WEIGHT LOSS Look at the time of this article more than 2 billion adults are overweight. Once considered a high-income country problem, weight epidemics are rapidly rising in both low- and middle-income countries as well, particularly in urban settings. Studies show that extra weight plays a huge role on the bodies ability to handle stress, the impact on our joints and even our lifespan. Obesity is now considered the number one killer and will claim more lives than both cancer and smoking combined.

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